What, Why

This site is a place to share some of my thoughts, writing (fact and fiction), and other less business-focused interests. Since high school, I've believed that if you like something, you should try and make it, instead of just consuming it. Except music. I'd never do that to you guys.

If you find any of the content here interesting, appalling, enthralling, or interminable, reach out to me and let me know.

I enjoy discussion as much as creation.

About Me

Conrad is a Co-Founder of Walrax. Walrax operates a peer-to-peer GPU marketplace to help you build the perfect PC at a fraction of the cost major retailers charge.

Previously, he worked for Dropbox on their Strategic Finance team in San Francisco, California.

His work at Dropbox over 2.5 years included: Active User Growth & Retention, Core Monetization, Consumer & SMB SKU Creation & Differentiation, Enterprise Pricing, Alternative Monetization Exploration, and a project to Focus Budgeting & Investing in order to achieve Free Cash Flow Positive during a critical period for the company.

Additionally, he managed more traditional Corporate Finance workflows throughout his tenure, including providing recommendations on Acquisition Price for potential Corporate Development targets, interfacing with the broader Finance org., EPD orgs., & Wall St. to prepare the company to IPO, and building and running the internal Budget and Long-Run Forecast for core Pro Revenue.

Before Dropbox, Conrad worked for a year at JP Morgan in Technology, Media, & Telecom Investment Banking; for a Boston-based startup that built a real-estate platform and network of sites supporting home-buyers; and for American Industrial Partners, an operationally-focused private equity firm that makes control investments in industrial businesses.

Conrad graduated from MIT in 2013, with a major in Mechanical Engineering, a concentration in Management Science, and a minor in Japanese. He graduated from Phillips Academy Andover in 2009, where he won awards for Japanese and ran a 50.9 second 400m.

While at MIT, he also developed and released Kanjimasu, a website to help Japanese students practice Kanji & expand their vocabulary for the prestigious Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

He has also worked on game design for original iOS and PC videogames, and believes strongly in designing systems that encourage and reward players who play to win.